Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Glitch Strikers Scam

jay pavlina from exploding rabbit
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Glitch Strikers steam greenlight scam

Alright so today jay pavlina from exploding rabbit did something, they created a game called glitch strikers. Or wait, it is just the exploding rabbit scam continuing. People please do not fall for this again, it is so sad seeing backers get excited only to be let down again. let's look at this

Jay pavlina has spent 8 months creating a trailer and posting glitch strikers on steam greenlight and changed the name of super retro squad yet again to glitch strikers.

That's it folks, nothing else has happened.

Jay pavlina from exploding rabbit would have you believe something has actually happened here, it hasn't. He said he spent the last 8 months working "hard" on that trailer. So that means the rest of the 4 years it has been were spent NOT working on anything to do with the super retro squad scam. Oh wait, the name changed again, now it is glitch strikers. Jay pavlina from exploding rabbit put a trailer for glitch strikers on steam greanlight but glitch strikers is just copyright infringement. NES game levels slapped together with ever so slight tile editing. Wonderful.

Backers already had a trailer for glitch strikers, when it was called super retro squad, its on kickstarter and been there since 2012. Its now 2017 and backers have a new trailer and the name of the game changed to glitch strikers. I guess in 2022 backers will get another trailer and yet another name change. Just ducky.

Please, please, please backers, do not continue to fall for this glitch strikers exploding rabbit scam from jay pavlina. We have been here before and know how it goes. Do not fall for it.....

Make sure to ask the right questions
  1. Backers still want refunds and have literally been ignored, when will they be refunded?
  2. What state is the game in, no gameplay footage is shown and jay pavlina says glitch strikers would be coming this summer.
  3. What exactly was jay pavlina doing the last 4 years if he has only been "working" the last 8 months
  4. What was backer money used for? His house, his rent, his equipment, his unemployment? Demand a detailed accounting of every dollar, get the FTC involved. I tell you about that and how to Sue Exploding Rabbit and Jay Pavlina in my post.
  5. How much money did jay pavlina make from paypal and the super mario crossover e-begging and what was it used for
  6. How much money has jay pavlina made from patreon and what was that money used for
  7. What exactly is it jay pavlina done since the kickstarter funding in 2012 besides find more ways to take money from people
  8. What is the plan if glitch strikers is not greenlit on steam or when Nintendo sends a cease and desist on glitch strikers 
Jay pavlina from exploding rabbit, why don't you talk to the backers, go ahead and comment here, you don't need to sign up or anything. It's easy, don't be scared jay pavlina from exploding rabbit.

Backers, please, please do not fall for this glich strikers exploding rabbit scam again. Do not get your hopes up over nothing, I don't want to see you hurt and more then you have been

I'll tell you what, if your into the exploding rabbit scam, give me $50,000, then more money on paypal, then more money on patreon. I will then do absolutely nothing for you for over 4 years. I will also be sure not to respond to you. Then when its been close to 5 years, I'll whip up a quick trailer when you already had one. Sounds nice right?

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Super Retro Crossover - Scam Update

Jay Pavlina wont refund super retro crossover
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Oh hey there, I guess SOMEONE should update backers on Super Retro Crossover from Jay Pavlina of Exploding Rabbit. Jay Pavlina and Exploding Rabbit have not posted an update on Super Retro Crossover since November 19th 2016. Why that's 73 days ago.

I am sure that people still want their refunds for the Super Retro Crossover Exploding Rabbit scam. Ian Bergren recently posted a comment on Kickstarter about still not receiving his refund as well as the poll we put about receiving refunds for Super Retro Crossover.

What can you do about all Jay Pavlina's Super Retro Crossover scam? Read about how to Sue Exploding Rabbit and Jay Pavlina

Stay classy backers, and I'll keep going until everyone gets their refund for the Super Retro Crossover scam from Jay Pavlina of Exploding Rabbit.

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Sue Exploding Rabbit and Jay Pavlina


Suing Exploding Rabbit and Jay Pavlina

I wrote a detailed article about how to sue Jay Pavlina and Exploding Rabbit for the undelivered rewards for Super Retro Crossover in the post about Super Retro Squad being cancelled. Maybe things became to real for Jay Pavlina and Exploding Rabbit after that, because he made a token post on Kickstarter to make it seem like Super Retro Crossover was actually going to be made and Exploding Rabbit would deliver of the rewards. Based on the track record of Exploding Rabbit and Jay Pavlina, this poor soul he is working with will be driven away by Jay Pavlina and then he will go silent for months, maybe years, and nothing will actually be delivered. Long story short, the lies about Super Retro Crossover coming from Exploding Rabbit and Jay Pavlina should not be believed.

Can Exploding Rabbit and Jay Pavlina really be sued

Yes. The answer is a definite yes, and its not that hard. I told you the steps in the post about Super Retro Squad being cancelled. But wait, has anyone done this, and did they win? Why yes, yes they have. In fact the FEDERAL TRADE COMMISSION ("FTC") took action over another failed Kickstarter called "The Doom that came to Atlantic City." The Fed found that the creators used "deceptive tactics" by raising over $112,000 and using the money on things like RENT, MOVING TO OREGON and PERSONAL EQUIPMENT! The Fed ordered this failed Kickstarter to pay $111,794 and no longer participate in crowd funding. You might think there are potentially a a lot of similarities here. Exploding Rabbit and Jay Pavlina admit to spending the money on things like RENT, MOVING TO OHIO and PERSONAL EQUIPMENT! I wrote about it in the post Jay Pavlina thinks you are dumb. You can read the case here from the FTC website.

Whats next for Super Retro Crossover and Exploding Rabbit

So if the FTC took action against another Kickstarter for "deceptive practices," then why have they done nothing with Exploding Rabbit and Jay Pavlina yet over Super Retro Crossover. It seems like Super Retro Crossover could potentially have also been a scam. The FTC probably has not yet heard about Super Retro Squad, Exploding Rabbit and Jay Pavlina. Maybe it is time they should? The contact information from the FTC action taken on the other failed Kickstarter is below

Federal Trade Commission
600 Pennsylvania Avenue N.W., CC-10232
Washington, DC 20580
Helen Wong
Peter Lamberton

Good luck backers! I am happy to be your voice when nobody else seems to care!

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Super Retro Crossover - Scam Returns


Super Retro Crossover Scam

The Super Retro Squad scam is being continued by Jay Pavlina of Exploding Rabbit and he went back to calling it Super Retro Crossover. This isn't a new name, I wrote about it when he changed Super Retro Squad to Super Retro Crossover back in 2015 in the post Super Retro Crossover Scam.

You should know Jay Pavlina is just continuing the scam. Basically Jay Pavlina posted to make it look as though something is happening, get poor Kickstarter backer hopes up that there would ever be a Super Retro Crossover from Exploding Rabbit. But there won't be, its just more scam so he thinks he gets out of refunding backers and getting sued. One backer named Inazuma asked a real good question about Jay Pavlina's Super Retro Squad post nonsense

"Does this mean that you won't give me the refund I've been waiting years for? I still want my refund."

Jay Pavlina from Exploding Rabbit answers with

"@inazuma: Most likely not, but we'll see.  "
"@Inazuma: Although I won't be delivering the documentary. Maybe after the game is released I can use the money to refund some people..."

Ridiculous. Keep in mind Jay Pavlina is hoping to continue to e-beg on Patreon to collect EVEN MORE MONEY while not refunding for Super Retro Crossover like he should. You can check out my post on the Exploding Rabbit Patreon Scam or about how to sue Jay Pavlina and Exploding Rabbit to get your deserved refund in the post about Super Retro Squad being cancelled.

I think most people know that Super Retro Crossover and Exploding Rabbit are a scam, but please people, do not trust the lies of Jay Pavlina again. Jay Pavlina just wants your money and Super Retro Crossover will never be made. It is a scam, always has been. Serena Nelson on Cliqist writes

"Sometimes a Kickstarter comes around where you can’t help but cringe a little every time you get news on its development. And this is certainly the case with Super Action Squad."
"I may not have personally backed Super Action Squad, but looking at the past track record I’m glad I didn’t."

Well put Serena. I'll keep everyone updated on this Super Retro Crossover Scam until the lies stop and backers are refunded.

Monday, September 12, 2016

Super Retro Squad Cancelled

Jay Pavlina scamming
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Super Retro Squad is cancelled

It has been 4 years since Super Retro Squad was funded to Jay Pavlina and appears to finally have been cancelled. Now Jay Pavlina does not have the respect enough for backers to ofically say that Super Retro Squad has been cancelled, no his technique is to just sweep it under the rug like the Super Retro Squad Kickstarter scam never happened.


What Jay Pavlina did

Jay Pavlina scammed backers out of their money which was pledged for Super Retro Squad. To this day, the rewards go unfulfilled (breach of contract). Jay Pavlina has gone ahead and removed anything about Super Retro Squad from, including the refund page. This means there is no way to even request a refund anymore. Obviously during the way he changed the name of the "game" several times but really didn't produce anything at all.


What can be done

So now that Jay Pavlina is just pretending that the Super Retro Squad scam never happened, has not delivered all the rewards and there is no way to even request a refund anymore, what can backers do? Start by reading the post about getting a refund for Super Retro Squad and then you will see that the only option left is to sue Jay Pavlina and Exploding Rabbit. This option is all that's left because Jay Pavlina removed a way to request Super Retro Squad refunds.


How do I sue Jay Pavlina and Exploding Rabbit

Exploding Rabbit is set up as a limited liability corporation (LLC) and is officially called Exploding Rabbit LLC. After speaking with a lawyer you would want to send any demand letters or serve any court papers to the corporate address on file mailing it certified mail so Jay Pavlina has to sign for it and acknowledge receipt. This address is for the house that Jay Pavlina appears to have bought with backer money.

Corporate Address:
Exploding Rabbit LLC
6386 S Canterbury Rd
Parma, OH 44129

Jay Pavlina you may have scammed people and think you got away with it but we will never forget! The fact Exploding Rabbit is still scamming people on Patreon is truly amazing. Good luck with the law suits backers and let us all know how it goes in the comments.


Thursday, July 14, 2016

Top Kickstarter Fails - Exploding Rabbit

Top Kickstarter Fail

Super Retro Squad by Jay Pavlina of ExplodingRabbit, is a game that received more than $53,000 in Kickstarter funding and is one of the top Kickstarter fails. This top Kickstarter fail by ExplodingRabbit and Jay Pavlina is the very the reason some people have lost faith in Kickstarter. Because of the empty promises and complete failure to deliver Super Retro Squad by Jay Pavlina of ExplodingRabbit, Super Retro Squad has been named number 2 of the top 5 Kickstarter Disasters by GamerFromMars (starts at 3:25).

ExplodingRabbit's Super Retro Squad Kickstarter fail has really had an impact on backers who still to this day have not received refunds for Super Retro Squad

Monday, June 6, 2016

Super Retro Squad Update

Picture of Jay Pavlina from Exploding Rabbit
Public image of jay pavlina from exploding rabbit

Jay pavlina and exploding rabbit are not updating backers like they should so the exploding rabbit scam blog will step up and do it.

Incredible folks, remember that Super Retro Squad by jay pavlina of exploding rabbit is.... wait for it.... still not made!

It is seriously mind blowing the level of epic failure on the part of jay pavlina and exploding rabbit. As a reminder, super retro squad was funded on kickstarter on July 19, 2012. It is now June 6, 2016!! Yes that is right, jay pavlina of explodingrabbit has had almost 4 full years to complete super retro squad. Check out our Exploding Rabbit Super Retro Squad Timeline.

So what on earth has jay pavlina and exploding rabbit been doing? Well that's a good question. Jay pavlina set up a patreon page to e-beg for more money. Luckily nobody is actually falling for this nonsense.

Of course jay pavlina changed his mind on so many things several times. Jay pavlina from exploding rabbit changed the name to operation pyxel and then joined up with JForce games but of course that didn't last long because they quickly realized jay pavlina is a joke and does not actual work.

Here are a few of the updates from the exploding rabbit patreon scam as written by jay pavlina of exploding rabbit
"I don't really know how to schedule the google hangout."
"It's very important that patrons read this because I changed what I am doing."
 "You should read over the rewards because I changed them. I also changed the goals just so that I can focus on the game."
"I'll try and do a better job of having something by the end of the month instead of shortly after."

In summary - Jay pavlina is not competent or qualified to make games. He is just selfish and wants to milk money out of people so he doesn't have to work a normal job. Please people, stop enabling this madness.

Just say no to jay pavlina and exploding rabbit