Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Glitch Strikers Scam

jay pavlina from exploding rabbit
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Glitch Strikers steam greenlight scam

Alright so today jay pavlina from exploding rabbit did something, they created a game called glitch strikers. Or wait, it is just the exploding rabbit scam continuing. People please do not fall for this again, it is so sad seeing backers get excited only to be let down again. let's look at this

Jay pavlina has spent 8 months creating a trailer and posting glitch strikers on steam greenlight and changed the name of super retro squad yet again to glitch strikers.

That's it folks, nothing else has happened.

Jay pavlina from exploding rabbit would have you believe something has actually happened here, it hasn't. He said he spent the last 8 months working "hard" on that trailer. So that means the rest of the 4 years it has been were spent NOT working on anything to do with the super retro squad scam. Oh wait, the name changed again, now it is glitch strikers. Jay pavlina from exploding rabbit put a trailer for glitch strikers on steam greanlight but glitch strikers is just copyright infringement. NES game levels slapped together with ever so slight tile editing. Wonderful.

Backers already had a trailer for glitch strikers, when it was called super retro squad, its on kickstarter and been there since 2012. Its now 2017 and backers have a new trailer and the name of the game changed to glitch strikers. I guess in 2022 backers will get another trailer and yet another name change. Just ducky.

Please, please, please backers, do not continue to fall for this glitch strikers exploding rabbit scam from jay pavlina. We have been here before and know how it goes. Do not fall for it.....

Make sure to ask the right questions
  1. Backers still want refunds and have literally been ignored, when will they be refunded?
  2. What state is the game in, no gameplay footage is shown and jay pavlina says glitch strikers would be coming this summer.
  3. What exactly was jay pavlina doing the last 4 years if he has only been "working" the last 8 months
  4. What was backer money used for? His house, his rent, his equipment, his unemployment? Demand a detailed accounting of every dollar, get the FTC involved. I tell you about that and how to Sue Exploding Rabbit and Jay Pavlina in my post.
  5. How much money did jay pavlina make from paypal and the super mario crossover e-begging and what was it used for
  6. How much money has jay pavlina made from patreon and what was that money used for
  7. What exactly is it jay pavlina done since the kickstarter funding in 2012 besides find more ways to take money from people
  8. What is the plan if glitch strikers is not greenlit on steam or when Nintendo sends a cease and desist on glitch strikers 
Jay pavlina from exploding rabbit, why don't you talk to the backers, go ahead and comment here, you don't need to sign up or anything. It's easy, don't be scared jay pavlina from exploding rabbit.

Backers, please, please do not fall for this glich strikers exploding rabbit scam again. Do not get your hopes up over nothing, I don't want to see you hurt and more then you have been

I'll tell you what, if your into the exploding rabbit scam, give me $50,000, then more money on paypal, then more money on patreon. I will then do absolutely nothing for you for over 4 years. I will also be sure not to respond to you. Then when its been close to 5 years, I'll whip up a quick trailer when you already had one. Sounds nice right?


  1. you didn't waste any time here. I'm still asking for a refund and being ignored its been 5 years

  2. pffff not falling for this. I've been working with the FTC on his deceptive practices. When we were on the phone going over all the evidence we found out he deleted the super action squad FAQ where he said he used Kickstarter funds for rent, moving to Ohio and personal equipment, obviously just more deceptive practices. Good news is that page is archived at at

    Hope this helps others who are working with the FTC and lawyers to put a stop to this scam and get refund

  3. it was greenlit so now hes gonna start charging people more money for this scam wont ppl learn

  4. Alright, first of all, I don't really like Jay Pavlina anymore. I used to be a big fan of his work since Super Mario Crossover (pre version 2, so around 2010-2011). He fucked up in many ways and did some really dumb things like shooing his community away by removing parts of his forum not related to Exploding Rabbit itself. I'm an original backer and was disappointed by the way things went, the constant renaming and rebooting of the project, the throwing his old team under the bus. Not to mention I hate his political views. So let me make this clear: I am certainly not a fan of Jay Pavlina.

    That being said, this post is fucking stupid.

    In what way is Glitch Strikers a "scam"? I don't think you understand the meaning of the word:

    scam: a dishonest scheme; a fraud.

    Exactly what about Glitch Strikers is dishonest or fraudulent in any way? It's a Steam greenlit game that has a professional-looking trailer and a legit developer working on it (Matt Kap worked on The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth and has his own game on Steam rated 9/10). What the flying shit is a scam about this? People don't need to pledge money to greenlight a Steam game. Not convinced the game will be that great? Fantastic, wait until for reviews to come out once the game is out. Nobody has a gun against your head, forcing you to buy it.

    Then, the Kickstarter. Do you really think Jay is bathing in your money, living a life of lavish off of it? He got $48,000 from it. As he prefaced in the Kickstarter, the plan was to buy a house and have all team members move in. The house itself ended up costing $139,000, while he wasn't the actual owner. Jay made a post addressing this here:

    All in all, Jay is kind of an idiot and made lots of mistakes, but if you actually think he's some kind of con artist plotting schemes to rob people of their money, you're an even bigger idiot.

    1. lol and I think you ARE Jay Pavlina, so hey whats up, when can I get my $50 refund? I am also a backer and asked for my $50 refund years ago, still not received or even any communication on it.

      Why is it a scam? Jay Pavlina took 50k from Kickstarter, some other additional amount from PayPal contributions on his site, and even more money from Patreon. This was to create a game. Game was never created, still isn't and its like 5 years later. So Jay, why don't you start with telling how much money you got for this game total and then EXSCTLY what it was spent on. That and please give me my $50 back.... or at least reply to me.....

  5. your all a bunch of fags

  6. chop chop wheres my refund

  7. What's laughable is in the trailer for Glitch Strikers, people are more bitching about a possible lawsuit from Nintendo instead of the fact Jay still scammed people

    1. yeah crazy right? Maybe people like to be scammed, ya never know...

  8. slob the knob teddy brosevelt

  9. This is actually kind of stupid.
    There are so many misunderstandings and mistakes in this post it's almost laughable.
    I can only assume he was working on the trailer for 8 months.
    You are using the word "scam" incorrectly.
    Although you make some fair points, you mostly make some false accusations.

    I'm out.

  10. Exploding Rabbit isn't a scam, just some dumbass who has no idea how to run anything. The only thing he ever ran was his own reputation and community... into the ground.


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