Thursday, October 17, 2013

Jay Pavlina thinks you are Dumb

Exploding Rabbit owner Jay Pavlina wrote a lengthy FAQ about Super Retro Squad (now called Super Action Squad) in response to the large amount of negative feedback he has been getting related to the Kickstarter scam.

The problem with the FAQ is that Jay Pavlina assumes his backers and supporters are dumb, like very dumb. He actually included the cost of people's rent and utilities in the budget for the game, seriously? Now in case you missed what he did here, the question you need to ask is if Exploding Rabbit pays for the one team member who does not live in the house's rent and utilities. Meaning, does Jay Pavlina or Exploding Rabbit cut that team member a monthly check for their rent and utilities? My guess would be a definitive NO. There is not a single game company or other company on earth that pays your rent and utilities, a company your employed with pays you a salary that you use as you wish.

Thus, his entire argument and statements here are designed to defraud you the backers and supporters. Maybe even to defraud his own employees! The game should have been made remotely but Jay Pavlina wanted backers to buy him a house which is a pretty sweet deal if you can find people dumb enough to fall for it. Please be informed and don't fall for nonsense like this, ask the right questions!

The FAQ does not have a section to post comments so you can't even discus it! Luckily you can discus it right here, anonymously if you choose!