Monday, September 12, 2016

Super Retro Squad Cancelled

Jay Pavlina scamming
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Super Retro Squad is cancelled

It has been 4 years since Super Retro Squad was funded to Jay Pavlina and appears to finally have been cancelled. Now Jay Pavlina does not have the respect enough for backers to ofically say that Super Retro Squad has been cancelled, no his technique is to just sweep it under the rug like the Super Retro Squad Kickstarter scam never happened.


What Jay Pavlina did

Jay Pavlina scammed backers out of their money which was pledged for Super Retro Squad. To this day, the rewards go unfulfilled (breach of contract). Jay Pavlina has gone ahead and removed anything about Super Retro Squad from, including the refund page. This means there is no way to even request a refund anymore. Obviously during the way he changed the name of the "game" several times but really didn't produce anything at all.


What can be done

So now that Jay Pavlina is just pretending that the Super Retro Squad scam never happened, has not delivered all the rewards and there is no way to even request a refund anymore, what can backers do? Start by reading the post about getting a refund for Super Retro Squad and then you will see that the only option left is to sue Jay Pavlina and Exploding Rabbit. This option is all that's left because Jay Pavlina removed a way to request Super Retro Squad refunds.


How do I sue Jay Pavlina and Exploding Rabbit

Exploding Rabbit is set up as a limited liability corporation (LLC) and is officially called Exploding Rabbit LLC. After speaking with a lawyer you would want to send any demand letters or serve any court papers to the corporate address on file mailing it certified mail so Jay Pavlina has to sign for it and acknowledge receipt. This address is for the house that Jay Pavlina appears to have bought with backer money.

Corporate Address:
Exploding Rabbit LLC
6386 S Canterbury Rd
Parma, OH 44129

Jay Pavlina you may have scammed people and think you got away with it but we will never forget! The fact Exploding Rabbit is still scamming people on Patreon is truly amazing. Good luck with the law suits backers and let us all know how it goes in the comments.



  1. true this what does anyone who doubted this as a scam have to say now? Not much cause it was always a scam.

  2. Please stop obsessing over Jay Pavlina. This story has been over a long time. If you weren't happy with the way things turned out, chances are you've already been refunded. It's time to let it go, and move on.

    1. hmmmm not so sure I buy that. I wasn't refunded either like the guy below. I was told that there was money in a que and then kept following up and got the same story but never a refund.

      Hey blog guy can you add another polling to ask how many people have actually gotten refunds? I voted it being a scam cause well you know it is

      sniff sniff I smell bullshit

    2. check out the new post, this is a big fat old lie. Peoople are not refunded!!!!

  3. I wasn't refunded, were you? There isnt no way to even request one anymore!

    Id think backers will let this go when we get the game or are refunded for this horse shit fuck show. I am quit glad this blog is exposing him for this fraud piece of shit he is. If I could donate to this blog what Jay stole from me, yeah Id do that because this blog has done more to keep me updated

    sue sue sue sue sue sue

  4. oh and don't send me some link to a contact page or say to email him or that I have to sign up for his stupid forums because Ive tried that and Im sure others have and also been given the jerk off. In fact my posts on his site about a refund WERE FUCKING DELETED!!!!

  5. Its been 4 years so if you're not refunded its not happening

  6. See that is the wrong attitude. This douche will refund for it or everyone will know his behaviours here. He needs to make right for what he did its VERY simple

  7. look at that pic bet hes a LADY KILLA!!!!!!!

  8. so its good I came back because your still on about this. Nobody is going to move in until it is made right. Did you know that people that got refunds, and not many did was just from other people's money? Remember after Kickstarter he had a thing on his site for more money and then a Patreon? Yeah, well that money was what was used for refunds. The guy is absolute slime and it should be illegal what he did. Its simple so simple so stop with this move on shit because its not happening!

  9. what lawyer to use?? who done this?

    1. I just called a small claim lawyer in my town and we are working on starting to sue. You want to ask if they will do it contigent so you don't pay them unless the case is won. I am so freaking tired of this. Thanks blogger for looking out for us!

  10. So turns out Jay is bringing back Super Retro Squad, posting videos about it


But who cares what we think, what do you think about the Exploding Rabbit scam? You can post anonymously if you want.