Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Super Retro Crossover - Scam

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So I don't believe I am writing this but Jay Pavlina and Exploding Rabbit is continuing the scam. Now it's called Super Retro Crossover.

Just to recap, Jay Pavlina swindled backers on Kickstarter out of over $50,000 back in July 2012. He did a whole lot of nothing and certainly never fulfilled the rewards of the backers, to this day, May 2015. He did buy himself a nice house though with the backers money.

Backers have been demanding refunds and rightly so. Here are just a few quotes from Jay Pavlina's loyal backers on Kickstarter;
"You guys are horrible. You begged for money, we gave it to you, all you did was play games and push back release dates while you fumbled through changing your game design every other day, then you just up and quit and steal our cash?
Don't bother making another game. No one will touch it."
"I requested a refund, was told I would get a refund, but did not get a refund. Sent a PM."
"Thanks for basically making me avoid kickstarters like the plague thanks to your disgusting work."
So needless to say these poor backers of Super Retro Squad had not received their rewards and are not even being given the refunds they deserve from Jay Pavlina and Exploding Rabbit.

Get ready for this though, you won't believe it....

Jay Pavlina of Exploding Rabbit has now changed the name of the game, yet again, to Super Retro Crossover. It is now to be a fan game continuing to steal assets from Nintendo and others.

Jay Pavlina from Exploding Rabbit has a Patreon page asking for more money. Yes that is right, let me say it again that the owner of Exploding Rabbit, Jay Pavlina has created a Patreon page to swindle more money then he already has and is not even refunding backers of Super Retro Squad.

Super Retro Crossover is a scam. Jay Pavlina of Exploding Rabbit has really stooped to an all time low here. I truly feel bad for the backers of Super Retro Squad, who have been so badly disrespected and slapped around by Jay Pavlina and Exploding Rabbit.

Super Retro Crossover is not a finished game, and uses stolen assets. Please, please, please do not make the mistake that a group of backers made with Super Retro Squad with this new Super Retro Crossover scam.

It is just sad what Jay Pavlina is trying to do with Super Retro Crossover and scam even more people.

Here are just a few more quotes from Super Retro Squad backers
"This "game" has definitely soured my experience with Kickstarter. However Divinity Original Sin, another Kickstarted game just came out and is fricking awesome."
"this is yet another perfect example of why i will never kickstart anything again"
Call it Super Retro Crossover, or call it Super Action Squad, or call it Super Retro Squad.....
We all just call it a SCAM!