Friday, January 31, 2014

Jay Pavlina's Illegal Profits

Image from: stock.xchng

"Exploding Rabbit makes $16,000 per year"

How does Exploding Rabbit make Money

This might seem crazy because Jay Pavlina of Exploding Rabbit doesn't sell anything and claims to have created a "non-profit" game called Super Mario Crossover. So how then does Jay Pavlina pull in $16,000 per year you ask? Exploding Rabbit makes this money from the Google advertisements that you see all over his site, . He publically admitted to this in his video "An Inside Look at Super Action Squad" where he said the average Exploding Rabbit employee makes $2,000 per year and because there are 8 Exploding Rabbit employees, that equals $16,000.

What is on to make money from

If you take a look at you will notice that it is absolutely full of Nintendo stuff. The site background, the wiki, the forums, and of course the game Super Mario Crossover. Even the keywords for the site and the description of the site mention "Mario." Thus, he is purposefully using the fact that Nintendo characters are known and people search for them to bring people to his site and then make money off of advertisements.

Does Jay Pavlina own the rights to anything on

Although most of what is on is owned by Nintendo, Jay Pavlina does own the rights to the following only
  • Super Mario Crossover source code
  • source code
  • Exploding Rabbit images
  • Super Action Squad

Summing it all up

To sum up, 90% of the content on is owned by Nintendo and Jay Pavlina makes $16,000 a year from this illegal content. The funny part is that Jay Pavlina claims the ads are for "other things." As you can now see, as if you couldn't before, that is just not true.

What do you guys think?