Sunday, December 29, 2013

Super Action Squad Update - Explodingrabbit Game

Image from: stock.xchng
Jay Pavlina from Explodingrabbit originally budgeted and asked for $10,000 to create a game called Super Retro Squad (later changed the name to Super Action Squad).

He ended up actually getting $53,509 from kickstarter on 7/19/2012. Specifically he got $43,509 more than he claimed to need to make the game for the purpose of adding stretch goals.

Pretty much exactly a year later 0n 7/20/13 Jay Pavlina sets up a page on for Super Action Squad to ask for even more money. He asked for $235,000 more in fact. So pretty much he originally estimated the game to need $10,000 to complete but then "re-estimated" the cost to be a whopping $288,509 dollars. So he is saying his original estimate was only 3% of what he actually needed? That is truly incredible how inaccurate his estimates are. Check out the nifty graph below.

Now mind you that in that year from 7/19/12 to 7/20/13 Jay Pavlina did not provide any tangible updates on what was going on with Super Action Squad.

This new page asking for more money has been called "e-begging" but how well has it worked? Let's do the math.

As of today Jay Pavlina has allegedly got $4,465 through "e-begging" for Super Action Squad as far as I can tell from . It has been 162 days since 7/20/13 so he is getting an average of $27.56 per day or $137.80 for a typical work week (5 days). Now there is certainly no way to tell how this is divided up among the explodingrabbit people, but that is way less than anyone would get from a minimum wage job. This pretty much means that anyone on the explodingrabbit team would be crazy to quit any kind of job to work "full-time" for explodingrabbit.

But then again in a video Jay Pavlina said that the average explodingrabbit employee makes an average of $2,000 per year. Assuming that is split equally among all 8 explodingrabbit team members, Jay Pavlina is pulling in $16,000 per year from advertising revenue for an illegal fan game. Nintendo, can we say damages/lost revenue maybe?

And lastly it looks like on Alexa that had a high point in early 2012 and has been in steady decline since with a current bounce rate of 60% and a global rank decline of 91,277 over the past 3 months. In fact explodingrabbit isn't even ranked on Alexa after around August 2013 because it is not popular enough.

Now the good news is that since this blog has been around, Jay Pavlina has actually been posting updates about Super Action Squad on kickstarter and responding to people's comments on youtube. He has also done some stuff with the illegal game Mario Crossover, but that doesn't matter.

Its great to see the blog had an impact and happy holidays followers!