Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Super Retro Crossover - Scam Returns

source: pixabay.com

Super Retro Crossover Scam

The Super Retro Squad scam is being continued by Jay Pavlina of Exploding Rabbit and he went back to calling it Super Retro Crossover. This isn't a new name, I wrote about it when he changed Super Retro Squad to Super Retro Crossover back in 2015 in the post Super Retro Crossover Scam.

You should know Jay Pavlina is just continuing the scam. Basically Jay Pavlina posted to make it look as though something is happening, get poor Kickstarter backer hopes up that there would ever be a Super Retro Crossover from Exploding Rabbit. But there won't be, its just more scam so he thinks he gets out of refunding backers and getting sued. One backer named Inazuma asked a real good question about Jay Pavlina's Super Retro Squad post nonsense

"Does this mean that you won't give me the refund I've been waiting years for? I still want my refund."

Jay Pavlina from Exploding Rabbit answers with

"@inazuma: Most likely not, but we'll see.  "
"@Inazuma: Although I won't be delivering the documentary. Maybe after the game is released I can use the money to refund some people..."

Ridiculous. Keep in mind Jay Pavlina is hoping to continue to e-beg on Patreon to collect EVEN MORE MONEY while not refunding for Super Retro Crossover like he should. You can check out my post on the Exploding Rabbit Patreon Scam or about how to sue Jay Pavlina and Exploding Rabbit to get your deserved refund in the post about Super Retro Squad being cancelled.

I think most people know that Super Retro Crossover and Exploding Rabbit are a scam, but please people, do not trust the lies of Jay Pavlina again. Jay Pavlina just wants your money and Super Retro Crossover will never be made. It is a scam, always has been. Serena Nelson on Cliqist writes

"Sometimes a Kickstarter comes around where you can’t help but cringe a little every time you get news on its development. And this is certainly the case with Super Action Squad."
"I may not have personally backed Super Action Squad, but looking at the past track record I’m glad I didn’t."

Well put Serena. I'll keep everyone updated on this Super Retro Crossover Scam until the lies stop and backers are refunded.


  1. lol someone posted that people had gotten refunds but now we have it from horse mouth that isn't the case! The lies continue!!!

    If anyone trusts or believes this joker at this point they need there head examined! Unless you want to be his personal unemployment check stop enabling this piece of garbage

  2. sorry about all the comments but this just really pissess me off and he should rightfully be in locked up for this. I'm done for today


  3. lol this is a circus. how anyone could trust this fool is beyond me

  4. So way back I gave him the benefit of the doubt because making games is probably hard I doubt I could ever do it. I liked mario crossover and wanted to supoort him on the new project so I made a small contribution. After years of silence and changing direction and asking for more money I asked for a refund on kickstarter like many others did. The only response I got was I was in a que and there was a bunch of refunds to go before me. Its now been close to 2 years since that and I still don't have my refund. Its important to give people a chance but this guy really a truly is a crook and should not be trusted. I'm glad this blog exposes him because it needs to stop. Like I said I only gave a little bit to the project but some people gave alot of their hard earned money and got nothing. Based on the response I got, alot of people wanted refunds and probably still haven't gotten them. His comment about now we probably won't be getting refunds is nothing short of madness. Do not trust this guy, just don't, he will use and abuse and toss you aside..... you have been warned


But who cares what we think, what do you think about the Exploding Rabbit scam? You can post anonymously if you want.