Sunday, December 4, 2016

Sue Exploding Rabbit and Jay Pavlina


Suing Exploding Rabbit and Jay Pavlina

I wrote a detailed article about how to sue Jay Pavlina and Exploding Rabbit for the undelivered rewards for Super Retro Crossover in the post about Super Retro Squad being cancelled. Maybe things became to real for Jay Pavlina and Exploding Rabbit after that, because he made a token post on Kickstarter to make it seem like Super Retro Crossover was actually going to be made and Exploding Rabbit would deliver of the rewards. Based on the track record of Exploding Rabbit and Jay Pavlina, this poor soul he is working with will be driven away by Jay Pavlina and then he will go silent for months, maybe years, and nothing will actually be delivered. Long story short, the lies about Super Retro Crossover coming from Exploding Rabbit and Jay Pavlina should not be believed.

Can Exploding Rabbit and Jay Pavlina really be sued

Yes. The answer is a definite yes, and its not that hard. I told you the steps in the post about Super Retro Squad being cancelled. But wait, has anyone done this, and did they win? Why yes, yes they have. In fact the FEDERAL TRADE COMMISSION ("FTC") took action over another failed Kickstarter called "The Doom that came to Atlantic City." The Fed found that the creators used "deceptive tactics" by raising over $112,000 and using the money on things like RENT, MOVING TO OREGON and PERSONAL EQUIPMENT! The Fed ordered this failed Kickstarter to pay $111,794 and no longer participate in crowd funding. You might think there are potentially a a lot of similarities here. Exploding Rabbit and Jay Pavlina admit to spending the money on things like RENT, MOVING TO OHIO and PERSONAL EQUIPMENT! I wrote about it in the post Jay Pavlina thinks you are dumb. You can read the case here from the FTC website.

Whats next for Super Retro Crossover and Exploding Rabbit

So if the FTC took action against another Kickstarter for "deceptive practices," then why have they done nothing with Exploding Rabbit and Jay Pavlina yet over Super Retro Crossover. It seems like Super Retro Crossover could potentially have also been a scam. The FTC probably has not yet heard about Super Retro Squad, Exploding Rabbit and Jay Pavlina. Maybe it is time they should? The contact information from the FTC action taken on the other failed Kickstarter is below

Federal Trade Commission
600 Pennsylvania Avenue N.W., CC-10232
Washington, DC 20580
Helen Wong
Peter Lamberton

Good luck backers! I am happy to be your voice when nobody else seems to care!


  1. hmmm interesting, so hopefully this gets some refunds flowing

  2. theres alot of talk here, has anyone ACTUALLY done anything? Clearly people are pissed but nobody does anything so maybe quit the whining or ACTUALLY DO SOMETHING???? Cleraning you keep posting this and that and people comment but ok, what is being done??? just saying

  3. honestly nintendo is going to shut him down anyway they have been sending take down to everyone using mario and stuff

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  6. Nobody is suing your a troll. Maybe get another hobby?


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