Friday, April 25, 2014

Getting a Refund for Super Retro Squad (Super Retro Crossover)

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Well unfortunately the day has finally come where Super Action Squad, formerly called Super Retro Squad, has been cancelled. Jay Pavlina wrote a huge article over on which basically makes excuses and then throws his team members under the bus.

More importantly let's talk about refunds. You asked for my help and I will accommodate you. It appears he refunded a few people so they would stop bad mouthing him, basically buying them off. There are a bunch of other people who have asked for refunds and not received them as of today and in looking at the comments on Kickstarter and the explodingrabbit YouTube channel, Jay is not even responding to people. Long story short people want refunds, and as usual Jay has gone MIA an ignoring them.

So here is what you can do.

First of all, you are legally entitled to a refund because he didn't fulfill the rewards. You can read more about that on my post here Timeline for Exploding Rabbit's Super Retro Squad (Super Action Squad)

Right now you basically have 2 options to get the refund.

Option 1 - Ask Jay Pavlina for a refund

You can continue to ask him for a refund though he doesn't seem to be responding to people at all and has pretty much vanished. You could ask on Kickstarter, where the funding took place or attempt to contact him via the "contact form" on Beware of the contact form though because you have no idea where that goes, will have no record of the email, and he will track you personal IP address. In my opinion this option doesn't seem to be working out.


Option 2 - Sue Jay Pavlina

As a backer you legally entered into a contract with Jay Pavlina. You gave him money and in return were to receive rewards. The rewards were not provided and it appears never will be. What you would need to do is sue him. It would be a civil matter and you would sue him in small claims court. Specifically you would sue him for the damages which is the amount you gave him for the rewards as well as court costs. Court costs include court fees and your lawyers fees. Most lawyers will work on contingency which means they won't be paid unless you win the case, and like I said you won't have to pay anything because you would sue Jay Pavlina for the court costs as well. That is basically the overview and if you want to do this, just reach out to a lawyer and find out of they will take the case on contingency. The lawyer will then walk you through the specifics of what you need to do. If a lot of people are interested in this method I can reach out to a lawyer who would do a class action suit on Jay Pavlina on behalf of all the backers. Let me know guys, I am here to help.