Friday, September 20, 2013

Super Action Squad - What happened to the money

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So here is what it seems like happened

1) Jay got money from a successful Kickstarter which reached many stretch goals for a game called "Super Retro Squad" and was due to be released by March 2013 (5 months ago from today).  It has been suggested this was a thinly veiled attempt to make a profit from the illegal game Super Mario Bros Crossover.

2) Jay and some people bought a house, made a video about it

3) They made a dance video and Jay did a let's play video

4) Radio silence from Exploding Rabbit for months.

5) Jay makes a video to ask for MORE MONEY with nothing whatsoever delivered besides a few mock ups and what appears to be a very basic simple demo of a character jumping and collecting coins.

6) An update to the illegal game Super Mario Crossover was released, and as stated by Jay Pavlina, for the strict purpose of making money and attracting people to his site to make ad money.

7) Now people have been told development BEGAN in August 2013 and the scope of the project has changed significantly with no discussion with the share holders (Backers)

madness ladies and gents...


  1. yup pretty much sum up

    1. Actually it sums up a version that kind of ignores things like "fact" and "reality".

    2. uh oh a fanboy perhaps O.o

      maybe they just not take your money ;)

    3. I'm not a fanboy, I'm a halfway intelligent person.

      I also use this neat thing called "gramma". You should look into it!

    4. Grammar, doofus, Grammar. Spell it correctly if you're gonna use it against people.

  2. I am torn here. I like the concept of super retro and would probably buy it when its released but I wasn't a backer.

    The reason I wasn't a backer and usually buy my games outright if they are released. This saves me the risk of loosing my money or getting something different from expected.

    I really think super retro squad could be a cool game if done right, and I would like to see it or play it. But frankly this quote unquote game dev compony has yet to deliver anything tangible and its been over a year let alone past the anticipated release date.

    Anyway, hopefully the game gets finish but I am not having many hopes with how its benen unfortunately

  3. Is it pyramid scam????

  4. yeah it does seem jay went about this in a bad way

  5. 1) He wasn't sure when to put the release date. March 2013 seemed like a good date at the time, but if given the choice he wouldn't have put dates on anything.
    4) Unless you're a backer. They made regular-ish backer updates. For some reason, even the public updates were backers-only, and I wish they'd done it differently myself.
    5) The music is brilliant!
    6) It falls under the terms of fair use apparently, but I'm not a lawyer so don't quote me on this. And he doesn't make money directly from the game, he makes money from the ads and the game helps to get people to find out about the game.
    7) They didn't start development then, how would they otherwise have the tech demo from the video? They just rebuilt the project (read: only the code part) from scratch so that they could use better tools. They aren't redoing the art and music though, those aren't code.

    Also before you call out on me for being a fanboy, I'm actually a regular on their forums and I know what they are doing.
    I'm also the official wiki mod, but that's beside the point.

  6. Okay, a few things.
    1) As the guy above me said, Jay didn't know when to put the release date. Had he been given the choice, he wouldn't have selected a date at all.

    2) They bought a house so that the team could work together and interact with each other much more easily. Also their required budget WITH a house is lower than what they would have needed without a single house.

    3) The Let's Play was a backer reward, and the same goes with the dance video.

    4) I'm not a backer myself, so I don't get these updates either, but I know they're happening and that they're working. I'm a regular on the forum, so I know what I'm talking about.

    5) They need the money so they can GET THE GAME DONE FASTER. With the money, they can quit their full-time jobs and work on SAS full time.

    6) I'm not so sure about what the law is, but SMBC was meant more of as a TRIBUTE. Jay is making money from the ads, not from the game itself. I'm pretty sure this is Fair Use.

    7) They had the tech demo BEFORE August, last I checked. As Jay said, if he wanted to take the money and run, he would have done so by now. But yes, the game has changed, and for the BETTER. The game looks BETTER than what it was originally going to be. This is a good thing.

    Before you call me out on being a fanboy, I too am a regular forum member who has been around 2010. I might not know as much, as I have been unable to back, but I definitely know what little they have made public.

  7. Never got why someone would prioratize a fan game over the game people had pre-ordered

  8. Spot on mate, I always did think he was a little sleezy. I can appreciate Mario crossover was a lot of work, but whining and pouting cause you can't make money from in (WHEN HE DOES MAKE MONEY FROM IT) is dumb. If you make a fan game, do it for fun not for profit.

    If you want to make your own game, go for it, but do it right and keep people informed

  9. Hahahaha.
    of couse he would mak mony from makin a gaem wiht caracters taht belon to ohter companys, duh

    Seriously though.
    This isn't a scam.
    If you do believe it is a scam, then why don't you just contact jay himself?
    I'm sure he will inform you on any questions you have, or another member of staff will.
    Don't jump off to conclusions like that.

  10. I mean how much money was it you lost, like $10?

    Just move along, just move along....

  11. "go on take the money and run"

    -- Steve Miller Band --

  12. And that's why you should just wait for the game and buy it. Kickstarter is quite sketch really.

  13. No one here knows anything of making a game OBVIOUSLY.
    The "radio silence" you're saying is him and his team working on the game.
    He asks for more money because the people working on the game can't afford to quit their jobs to work on a game. Thats why if they get more money they can work on it. The reason its been taking so long to complete the game is because not a lot of people are funding it thus making the game longer to make.
    And also SMBC isn't an illegal game. If he claimed all the characters there then it would be illegal. He cant make money off of it and as long as he doesnt then Nintendo is fine with it because Nintendo said that they dont care about any fan games as long as its not diminishing the value of their IP's . Everyone on this website saying its a scam is a complete idiot.

    1. Hi there. I'm from the future. It's 2016. No game. The explodingrabbit website still says that the game (renamed Pyxel) is "coming soon".

      You're a complete idiot. I'm shocked you managed to figure out how to turn on your computer. Do you have to wear a helmet when you post?

  14. Man, you guys are assholes for ripping on Jay. Making a full-fledged game is by no means easy, but with a staff of 3 part-time workers, I'm surprised they haven't downright given up on it. You're also assuming that they've ever done this before, and that they're anything like big labels like Sierra, Valve, Blizzard, etc. Cut them some goddamn slack, because the more negative feedback they get from fans, the more discouraged they'll be to complete the game, which will result in a shittier version of something that could have been great, if any at all. Bottom line: don't be assholes, people.


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