Friday, September 20, 2013

Doing our part

So there is a lot of upset people over on Kickstarter talking about what happened with the Kickstarter funding for "Super Retro Squad" which has been renamed to "Super Action Squad" now.

We want this blog to be about updates on what they are doing, well or rather are not doing and the comments can be anonymous so anyone can say what they want about this. Comments on YouTube can be "removed by the author" for example so you may not even be able to get a comment in.... geeze.

That's it, have fun.....


  1. Wow you are very full of hatred aren't you blogger? How could anyone with any degree of intelligence see this as a scam? Its people who want to make a great retro style game, and Jay has admitted the project hasn't been going well as planned. He has posted a video about the game and its current progress. I've been following this game since its inception and am personally very excited for this games release. True, I wish there were more updates. I do not have ONE SINGLE regret for my contribution to their kickstarter campaign. This blog is nothing but a bunch of spoiled juveniles crying I WANT MY GAME NOW I DON"T WANNA WAIT. Sigh.. kids. Oh well. I'm glad im mature enough to have some patience. I suggest the rest of you do the same.


But who cares what we think, what do you think about the Exploding Rabbit scam? You can post anonymously if you want.