Monday, June 6, 2016

Super Retro Squad Update

Picture of Jay Pavlina from Exploding Rabbit
Public image of jay pavlina from exploding rabbit

Jay pavlina and exploding rabbit are not updating backers like they should so the exploding rabbit scam blog will step up and do it.

Incredible folks, remember that Super Retro Squad by jay pavlina of exploding rabbit is.... wait for it.... still not made!

It is seriously mind blowing the level of epic failure on the part of jay pavlina and exploding rabbit. As a reminder, super retro squad was funded on kickstarter on July 19, 2012. It is now June 6, 2016!! Yes that is right, jay pavlina of explodingrabbit has had almost 4 full years to complete super retro squad. Check out our Exploding Rabbit Super Retro Squad Timeline.

So what on earth has jay pavlina and exploding rabbit been doing? Well that's a good question. Jay pavlina set up a patreon page to e-beg for more money. Luckily nobody is actually falling for this nonsense.

Of course jay pavlina changed his mind on so many things several times. Jay pavlina from exploding rabbit changed the name to operation pyxel and then joined up with JForce games but of course that didn't last long because they quickly realized jay pavlina is a joke and does not actual work.

Here are a few of the updates from the exploding rabbit patreon scam as written by jay pavlina of exploding rabbit
"I don't really know how to schedule the google hangout."
"It's very important that patrons read this because I changed what I am doing."
 "You should read over the rewards because I changed them. I also changed the goals just so that I can focus on the game."
"I'll try and do a better job of having something by the end of the month instead of shortly after."

In summary - Jay pavlina is not competent or qualified to make games. He is just selfish and wants to milk money out of people so he doesn't have to work a normal job. Please people, stop enabling this madness.

Just say no to jay pavlina and exploding rabbit


  1. Lol 4 years and counting

  2. This is such a good post I definitely agree!!

    Not sure if anyone cares but I got a Coach, yes a REAL Coach for under $50!!! I found it here

  3. wow this site is still being updated
    colour me impressed

    i personally stopped caring ages ago but that's just me

    1. actually i'm surprised you didn't cover the part where he killed the non-ER related parts of his forums
      that pissed a lot of people off

    2. theme is he is selfish asshole who just care about himself and making money from people for doing nothing but jack off. how anyone even still cares about exploding rabbit is beyond me but mayne some people like to be used and abuse?


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